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He said to his friends that if we reduce the world to this city and we succeed in changing this city, we will surely succeed in changing the world.

He started his cultural group which was specialised in poetry and everything was fine, and when he started creating his commercial group he discovered the truth of everyone around him , so he looked to his father and Said I am going to change the world by myself , so the father said do you really know that world that you want to change ?! he said I will know it and I will change it.

13 years he did not come back to his home because finally he lost it, his home Concept now not the land or the memoires, his home is what he believes in and the people who share him this faith.

In this way he established the next business:

  1. IBN Egypt for import and export (2007) specialised in electronics.
  2. IBN Trade in GA, USA in 2011 specialised in electronics.
  3. IBN USA LLC in TX, USA 2014 specialised in electronics.
  4. IBN Middle East for Real estate in Qatar 2018.
  5. IBN Middle East for construction in Qatar 2018.
  6. IBN Middle East for services in Qatar 2018.

IBN means IBN Bani AL-Najjar it is an Arabic name means the son of Al-Najjar family; he feels the proud that he is the same family of the mother of prophet Mohammed.

He discovered and he believes that he cannot change this messed up world alone he needs you, yes you, the one who read this paragraph if you share him the next:

  1. We believe in the big family (Adam and Eve Family), no different between black or white, tall or short, rich or poor,sick or healthy we are one.
  2. Action is the loyal mirrors, no need for big talk just work,show god what you believe by actions.
  3. We have to help each other, the strong support the weak,the rich gives the poor, the educated teach the uneducated.
  4. We have to spend some times together eat, drink, talk, we have to build our perfect memories by events, digital life still is just a big trick.

We have to help, avoid or hard fight those who came from Adam and Eve but for sorry they got demonic possession.Because they are more dangerous than the devil himself.

If you know that IBN gives 20% of its profit to the family members (we do not call team work) in additional of the basic salaries and other commissions, and if you know that 10 % of IBN profit is going to goodness action for god,so can you join us, how? I will tell you:

  1. Join us as a lover and supportive.
  2. If you qualified enough join our family in the rights function.
  3. Join us as a customer.
  4. Join us as investor or business partner.
  5. Join us by advice and Good wishes

Finally, this world is really so messed up and it needs to be changed and It will be changed whatever by us or other,the one who succeed is the one who deserve the holy honour lights.

God watch, god listen, god guide, god safe, god bless you.


You Won't Be Alone

We really care about you and your comfort as much as you do, the Relaxation, rest, stillness, serenity, affection, Good neighbors, competitions, vital activities, charity events and recreational trips and happiness are the real services we offer you, book with Al Najjar Motel and you get 24/7 free support, just call:0097431122260


Tons Of Options

With IBN you can customize the layout, colours and decoration for your brand-new property, we have a professional team work to make all dreams to be come true, you dream it, we do it.


Made To Help You

IBN has very powerful admin features to help customers to get all of them targets easily without any complication or delay , we are not perfect but we are trying our best , we are not number 1 in the market but we goal it , help us with your feedback , it is worth a lot to IBN .